Grover Washingtong JR: Easy Loving You

Easy Loving You came to our repertoire one day while listening to the vinal record of Grover's 1981 album Skylarkin'.  The catchy melody and groove easily make your head nod, not to mention Grover's killing soprano solo will leave a little stank on your face.

The Flat Nines: Sweet Quiet Moments

Written by Melissa Carroll and Tommy Houston

Arranged by The Flat Nines

Grant Green: Cantaloupe Woman

This was one of the first Grant Green tunes to cycle through our repertoire.  He is one of the unsung heroes of jazz guitar who always stayed true to his blues roots.  This particular recording is from his 1971 album "Visions," though an earlier version was recorded in 1965 on the album "His Majesty King Funk."  

The Flat Nines: Music for Riding Bikes

Everyone needs good jams when they bike.  Especially on a sunny day.

Written by Melissa Carroll
Arranged by The Flat Nines

Boss Tenor Brother Jug: Gene Ammons

There are a few artists that consistently inspire us.  As a tenor player, Gene Ammons stands as one of those musicians.  He was chic, he played slick lines and his style was always hip to the sound of the day.  Most recently we added to our repertoire this 1970 tune off the album Brother Jug!.  In this tune he weaves lines rooted in Bop music over the funky beat and rhythm of an emerging genre for the time:  Jazz Funk.  Dig that funky guitar.  Please enjoy "Jungle Strut."

Mellow Mood

This month we've been crushing on this tune by Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery.